Performances and Workshops

2020 Performances:

April 4th, 1:30pm – Faelan, Satinka, and a special student showcase!  The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz.

April 16th, evening –  Faelan and Satinka at Dancing In The Streets, Santa Cruz.  Details TBA

April 24th, 7pm – Faelan and Satinka at Saturday Soiree for Danse De La Lune Festival, Sonoma, CA

Sept 10-13, Details TBA Faelan at Hexenfest, Upper Lake, CA

Nov 7, evening, Faelan and Performance Intensive at Tribal Revolution, Cork, Ireland


2020 Workshops:

TBD West Coast Fusion Format: Crescent Moon – online certification program, level 1

Sept 10-13,  Hexenfest, Upper Lake, CA, Details TBA

Nov 7, 8 – Tribal Revolution, Cork, Ireland – Details TBA


2019 Performances:

Feb 15,  9pm – Improv with RJ Stewart and Friends, Pantheacon, San Jose, CA

Feb 17 , 7pm – Creatures of Myth & Magic, Pantheacon, San Jose, CA

March 30, 1:30pm – Satinka at the Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA

April 6, 7:30pm – Faelan and Satinka in Tales from Death’s Parlor,  Requiem: Dark Fusion Festival, Fresno, CA

April 18, 7:50pm – Satinka at Dancing In the Streets, Downtown Santa Cruz, Cooper St Stage

April 26, 7pm – Faelan with Sharon Knight and Winter in Concert
Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz
Tickets $20 – $40 at

May 11 – Fleur Du Danse featuring Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Kami Liddle, Kimberly Larkspur, Pixie Fordtears and Faelan Shiva! New Orleans, LA

June 8, 8pm – Cairo Shimmy Quake Night Gala Show, Glendale, CA

Sept 21, 7pm – Satinka at Coastal Belly Fest, Santa Cruz, CA

Dec 31, 9pm – Satinka opens for Beats Antique at the Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA.  New Year’s Eve!


2019 Workshops:

April 5, 12-3pm – Requiem: Dark Fusion Festival Fresno, CA – Betrayal: A Choreography

May 12, 6-8pm – New Orleans, LA – Technique and Expression Workshop at Fleur du Danse – featuring Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Pixie Fordtears and Kimberly Larkspur. This will be a unique event at Zoe Jakes’ new dance studio and retreat space in NOLA.  Boutique size classes and a stellar line up for showtime!

June 8 4:20-7:20pm Vivid Tribal Fusion Combos – Glendale, CA – at Cairo Shimmy Quake 
June 9 3:30-6:30pm Basic Shapes and Isolations – Glendale, CA – at Cairo Shimmy Quake

Sept 1, 11am – 1pm, Datura Style Vocabulary – Wales, UK  – more info here.
Sept 1, 1:30-3:30pm, Undine – Move Like Water – Wales, UK – more info here.

Sept 21, 12pm The Serpent’s Secret – Santa Cruz, CA – at Coastal Belly Fest.

Trillium Belly Dance- West Coast Fusion Format Level 1: Crescent Moon

An interactive online certification program, classes begin April 8, 2019.  Full details and registration here!