Satinka Belly Dance

Satinka is the creative love child of Faelan Shiva.  Starting out as a student troupe dancing in local haflas, the group has grown, worked and thrived to become a high quality local dance company. Dancers include Faelan, Nellie Thorngate, Ann Vee, Willy Rybicki, Jasmine Hurst, Demetra Manning and Natalie Morejohn.  They perform West Coast Belly Dance Fusion.  They honor the roots of belly dance with traditional feeling choreographies and improv, while honoring the evolution and freedom of art with modern artistic interpretation in originall choreographies.

Satinka’s mission is to share belly dance with everyone who is inspired by it, to bring quality technique to the living room and the stage, and to spread joy with their heartfelt love of each other and this project.

They can be found performing locally and have been guests in Zoe Jakes’ House of Tarot and have opened for the one and only Beats Antique.  (Video of the Beats Antique 2016 NYE show here)

They are available to hire for festivals and parties by contacting